Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today in Blizzard History

Today is my birthday, Blog. I didn't do much to celebrate, but my dear friends Kerin and Sam made my day by having brunch with me. Then Kerin was sweet enough to let me watch one of my favorite movies with her; White Christmas. Of course then we all watched the Superbowl together. All in all it was an alright birthday. So far 28 isn't so bad.

My mom posted this link on my facebook wall today in regards to a Chuck Klosterman's book Downtown Owl. While I've never actually read any Chuck Klosterman books, I've heard a lot about them and should probably pick one up one of these days. Perhaps I'll start with Downtown Owl since he apparently prefaces the story with a news article reporting on the blizzard I was born in. There is a lone comment that was left by a man named Kevin who was one of the many who ended up stranded. It's always been interesting for me to hear the accounts of people who actually experienced it. For my entire life my family has recounted where they were when I was born. Not necessarily because my arrival into this world was so monumental, but because it coincided with one of the most incredible blizzards in Minnesota history. People were instantly stranded in school gyms, hospitals, and most of all their cars. That's why 16 people died from freezing to death and from carbon monoxide poisoning within their cars.

After trying to look up articles detailing the events of the night I was born, all I could come across was little blurbs here and there in Minnesota weather history. It's unnerving to think that even my parents got stuck in the storm on their way to the hospital where I was supposed to be born. Luckily they were picked up by a passer by who brought them back home where I apparently was delivered by a nurse who was brought in by a snowplow driver by the name of Heintzelman. I never met him, but his wife always sent me birthday cards decorated with calligraphy and five dollar bills when I was a kid.

I guess it could have been crazier like it was for Scott's parents who also got stranded on their way to the hospital. Instead of making it back home, Scott was born at somebody else's house outside of town. Two weeks later we ended up on the front page of Herman's newspaper, billed as the newborns who made it into this world during one of the worst blizzards of the century.

So my entire life I've known of people named Heintzelman, and this kid Scott who is just a few hours older than I am and who was born in the same storm, though I've never really met any of them. I do think of all of them, and all of the people who died every time my day rolls around. That makes it sound kind of depressing, but I have to admit that it's one of the more interesting things about me.

So happy birthday to me Blog. I'm going to try and make 28 the best I can make it.

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  1. Happy birthday a little late. I actually meant to say it on Sunday (you mentioned it was coming up), but my wife decided to leave for that other guy. Or something. She took her daughter, but I at least have our son--and I plan to keep it that way. The last few days have been shitty.

    As for Super Bowl, I missed it except for the last ten seconds or so; and as for Chuck Klosterman, I've read a couple of his books and don't care much for his writing. Several writers that maybe you WILL enjoy are David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, and Chuck Palahniuk. Check them out if you haven't already. I also highly recommend Joseph Wambaugh and John Irving.