Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Air Base Tour #2: I Love My Brother

I didn't mean for this to be somber, but I'm scared. Sure my brother joined the Air Force because he didn't know what else to do. His first year of college at UND for some reason didn't do it for him, so he turned to the military. Fine. He's been in for going on three years now. He's stationed in Italy. It's all good. However, about a month ago I found out he's being deployed to Afghanistan in May for 5 months. He assured me he's just going to be doing what he does now which is load bombs onto trailors. He won't even be allowed off base. He's not going to be poking around in any caves or anything like that. But I can't help but be scared. He's my only brother. My only sibling. And after visiting him last week I was reminded of how much I love him. Even though we haven't really spent a lot of time together since we were kids, I still have a connection with him. I don't want to lose that. I'm glad I visited, but man. It's making me cry a lot at night now because I miss him a lot even though I haven't really had him in my life on a regular basis since I was 18. I cried when I got on the plane that was leaving Italy too. Maybe it's a big sister thing to cry when leaving your little brother who was once your only playmate in a foreign country, even if he has lived there for over two years. It's not easy. Not when you actually take the time to face the fact that your only brother lives 4,000 miles away from you. I can't help but regret a small part of my trip where I only visited him for a day. I should have made more time for him. He's still there in a small Italian mountain town, preparing to go to an even more remote mountainous landscape that is so much more unforgiving.

Ok. I just had to vent that. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep now. And hopefully the rest of this blog will be less depressing than this entry.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Square Dance!

Hey blog. You'll never believe what I just looked up on Google. Or maybe you will because like Google, you are an intangible internet entity that I depend soley on for entertainment and life record. Really, it's not that exciting what I looked up on Google. But it's a non-eventful Thursday night. I might as well share stupid shit that happens to me that I think is worthwhile to write down with hopes of it one day being beneficial to me, but knowing in my heart of hearts that it holds the value of a penny. And a penny, by the way, costs more than it's worth to make. Now if that isn't a waste of money...

Ok. So, I looked up square dancing on Google. Why? Because I love me a good square dance, that's why. Also, if you haven't noticed, Halloween is damn near tomorrow so I'm preparing my Halloween costume. I inherited a square dancing skirt from a friend a few years back and have no reason to wear it other than Halloween. Since I gave in to political desires and was a zombie version of Sarah Palin last year, I haven't worn the square dance outfit in a while. Also, since there is a costume contest at work tomorrow, I have a perfect opportunity to turn corporate America into a ho-down. But I have to perfect my look, hence the Google search. But what do I find but an absurd number of drawings of square dancing rather than photos. Call me crazy, but that just seems a little outdated and old fashioned. I have no other option than to believe it is because square dancing itself is outdated and old fashioned. Tell me the last time you hung out with a 20 something who enjoys a good square dance on a Friday night. I think you'll find yourself at a loss of words. That's the state I found myself in after perusing these drawings. Drawings just don't happen any more because of these things called cameras that take pictures (take note 19th century time traveler who has just discovered the internet). Perhaps that's why I found them rather charming... and weird.

...And ethnically diverse.

Making Contact (How's That for a Play on Words?)

Blog. My friend Jeremy told me that putting new contacts in is like putting silk in your eyes. After today's new contact endeavor, Jeremy has been deemed "correct" in my book. My left eye no longer feels like I poured sand into it. I can see clearly out of both eyes. I even have a new found appreciation for looking at the computer today. The advantages of this new contact nonsense are endless.

Still, I find it stupid that when I open up the little packets that my contacts come in, I wince out of pure instinct to prevent the liquid within the packet from spurting into my eye. But oh wait. That liquid is contact solution. It's supposed to go in my eye. Minus 4 points Samantha. Minus 4.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh and One More Thing

I've given up on trying to import my Livejournal to you Blog... for now. I'll just write in you both separately and hope for the best. Surely it can't be as bad as the shape my car is in right now. Brakes and all...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Revelation Via Writing This Entry: I'm Kind of Dumb

Hey blog. I don't get this. I can put a counter on you that lets me know how many people come over and visit? I tried putting one in here since livejournal never had such a thing. Or maybe it did and I never was aware of it because I suck at computers. Nonetheless, I've read the instructions on putting a counter on my blog, and now I can't find it. It seems I've done this correctly because, like I said, I read the directions. A lesson I learned in kindergarten (due to embarassing consequences due to me not reading the directions for a particular art project). However, now I can't find the counter. Is it because I made it invisible? Well, what's the point of that? I thought at least I'd be able to see it since I'm the one who is so curious as to how many people come across this thing. Whatever. I give up on you counter. I'm going to write about Wisconsin now.

My boyfriend is taking me to Wisconsin today. I'm excited! We are going to visit his dad in Door County. I've never been to Door County, but I've heard good things, so I'm looking forward to this. I hear it's really scenic and there are good jams you can purchase at gift shops. I like a good jam from time to time. I think Door County and I have the potential to be friends. My bread has been bland lately.

Other things that we will do in Wisconsin is probably drink a bunch of beer, see Lake Michigan, and go to a Packer game! Oh football how I love thou/thee/thy. Boyfriend was kind enough to purchase tickets for the both of us to sit at Lambeau Field and freeze our little butts off while watching Aaron Rodgers get sacked time and time again. Oh but it will be fun. Plus, maybe he won't get sacked too much since they are playing the Lions. We'll see!

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I used to hate Wisconsin. I think it is because all of the Sconnies who come over and live in Minneapolis don't know how to drive. They go slow. They don't use blinkers. They change lanes without a moment's notice. You'd think they were from North Dakota and not just from across the St. Croix. Although they very well may be driving that way because they are drunk. One thing I've learned from dating a Sconnie is that they like to drink a lot.

Oh my god blog. Update! I just read the final instruction about my blog counter. I realize now that I have set it up through a website that I must log in to in order to see my stats. I see now that one visitor has visited since your inception. That visitor is probably me, so it looks like it's just me and you blog. I guess my blog navigation isn't too different from Sconnie driving. And I guess my aptitude for reading directions hasn't changed much since kindergarten. Fiddle sticks!

Let's play later.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Not a Mom.

Hey Blog. So I'm poking around this thing called blogger and I've noticed moms hang out on here a lot. Is this because they stay at home with kids and use things like blogs to release the pent up happenings of the day? I'm not a mom. Actually, if you read my first entry that directs you to my statement on the right hand side over there, you'll see that I don't really want to be a mom any time soon. I in fact like being the primary person I take care of in my life. Call me selfish, but don't call me a liar, because that's the truth.

I think the closest thing I have to relate to the moms with is my boyfriend's dog Santiago. I also mentioned him in my first entry. Maybe I should post a bunch of pictures of him doing "cute" things like standing on the floor and sitting on the couch and being in a basket or something. Then I could fit in with the moms. Kind of. My baby snorts and is covered in hair and poops and pees outside. Does that count?

He's not thinking that caption, he just looks like that caption.

OMG! He's in his cage!

OMG! He's celebrating the 4th of July!

OMG! He used to be a baby!

Whoa. Blog, I just realized you are slowly yet surely becoming Santiago themed what with my first two entries containing a ridiculous amount of pictures of him, and my profile picture being of me holding him. This has got to stop, stat. Then again, how else will I fit in with the moms? Especially if I don't want to be one?!?!?! Blog, you are difficult to get used to. But I'll venture on. I think I'll also continue writing in my non-Santiago themed livejournal.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I just wrote an entry in my old blog (aka Livejournal)

You can click on the link I have in the statement I've made on the right hand side of this page to read it. Also, if you read the statement on the right hand side of the page, it will explain to you why I wrote in my Livejournal and not my new blog. Do I make sense? Probably not. But that's how I roll when I write.

Here's a picture of my dog. It's not really my dog. It's my boyfriend's dog. And it's not an it. It's actually a him/he. But animals in general don't need gender specification as much as people do. Call him what you like, but his real name is Santiago Falk.