About Blog and I

Hello Blog...

I'm glad that we're teaming up to hang out on the internet. I think an internet presence is something that both you and I have wanted for a long time now. Well, here we are. It feels good.

About us: I write online about my life. Blog intercepts these writings and makes them available to you, the reader. My life is pretty average, but just might be exciting enough to experience via Blog. I'm a single lady who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lots of my friends are married and are having babies, but I am doing neither of those things. This means that I spend a lot of time by myself drinking wine and contemplating why I'm not married and having babies. This also means that I do crazy things like fall in love with Englishmen and quit my office job for a life in the theatre. Still, it'll probably be an average time around here so I hope you enjoy it. I know Blog does. Blog also enjoys our background art that has been supplied by my dear friend Carly Swenson, who has a blog of her own that is worth a gander if you're so inclined.

Also, if you're ever curious as to what I was up to before Blog and I got together back in 2009, feel free to peruse my ex, LiveJournal.

Happy reading!

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