Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is It a Surprise My Mind is Working Like This?

Blog, is it weird that I fell in love with this song about three days after Ryan gave me the news that he wanted to break up?

I've never been one to overly examine fate, but sometimes I notice these things and can't help but think that there is something there working behind the scenes.

In any case, I love this song regardless of my connections to the country after which it is named.

FIN (that just happens to be French, FYI)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crap on a Monday

Blog. I'm just going to take the winnings from the bet I placed with myself back in March and call it a day. Yes, this is the second time within the past month that I've linked to that post. Yes, I'm depressed that it's May and I'm still referencing it. And yes, I'm sad that I actually knew what I was talking about (despite my crazy hate for the snow and everyone at the gym). I'll move to amend the bet though and say that even though there isn't snow on the ground here in Minneapolis, there certainly was snow on the ground up in my home state of North Dakota yesterday. And since I'm the one who owns you blog, and I'm the one who is making up the rules to this game so I can win, I'm going to do just that. Pay up blog. You're the one who thought it would actually be spring time by now. Fool me once... shame on you. Listen to my wintertime predictions amidst a crazy ramble... shame on you again. Samantha wins!

Fuck. I need to stop writing about the weather. It's starting to not make sense anymore. Then again, when did the weather around here make sense?

But then what is there to write about? I'm out of specifics in my life at the moment since all I can really ponder these days is the fact that I leave for Italy in three days. I've never anticipated a trip so much in my life. I can honestly say this. I'm anticipating this even more than that time I went to the whole of Europe for two whole months. I think it's because I'm learning that people are more important to me than places. If the opposite were true, I wouldn't be living in a place where it's still winter in May. I'm going to Italy and England purely to see people who are near and dear to my heart. I've already seen the churches and mountains and rivers and history in each country. I'm sure there's tons more to see on top of what I've already experienced, but I feel good about what I've got under my belt site seeing-wise in each place. It's a great feeling to go so far away to such different places, but know that you'll have the comfort and company of people who you know and whose company you enjoy.

Blah blah blah. Ok, I'm done with the sappy travel talk. All there is left to do now is finish this glass of wine, wait for my hair to dry and recover from the intense yoga I did tonight. While I liked the instructor for this class, I did find I have a pet peeve of a yoga instructor who just tells you what to do instead of going through the class with you. Sure her instructions were clear and I understood the movements and all that, but really lady? You just gonna walk around and talk at us? The least you could do is help us enhance our poses if that's the road you're gonna take. But no, walk and talk. That's all Bre did this Monday evening. It's official. My favorite so far is Blake on Friday evenings. Partially because I really like the sequence she does. Partially because she does the yoga along with us. And partially because she's probably one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen up close. Rock on Blake. I'm about .00007% sad that I'm going to miss your Friday happy hour yoga class this week. Why the small percentage of regret for missing such a great class? Because I'm missing it for Europe bitches!!