Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Not a Mom.

Hey Blog. So I'm poking around this thing called blogger and I've noticed moms hang out on here a lot. Is this because they stay at home with kids and use things like blogs to release the pent up happenings of the day? I'm not a mom. Actually, if you read my first entry that directs you to my statement on the right hand side over there, you'll see that I don't really want to be a mom any time soon. I in fact like being the primary person I take care of in my life. Call me selfish, but don't call me a liar, because that's the truth.

I think the closest thing I have to relate to the moms with is my boyfriend's dog Santiago. I also mentioned him in my first entry. Maybe I should post a bunch of pictures of him doing "cute" things like standing on the floor and sitting on the couch and being in a basket or something. Then I could fit in with the moms. Kind of. My baby snorts and is covered in hair and poops and pees outside. Does that count?

He's not thinking that caption, he just looks like that caption.

OMG! He's in his cage!

OMG! He's celebrating the 4th of July!

OMG! He used to be a baby!

Whoa. Blog, I just realized you are slowly yet surely becoming Santiago themed what with my first two entries containing a ridiculous amount of pictures of him, and my profile picture being of me holding him. This has got to stop, stat. Then again, how else will I fit in with the moms? Especially if I don't want to be one?!?!?! Blog, you are difficult to get used to. But I'll venture on. I think I'll also continue writing in my non-Santiago themed livejournal.

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