Friday, October 16, 2009

Revelation Via Writing This Entry: I'm Kind of Dumb

Hey blog. I don't get this. I can put a counter on you that lets me know how many people come over and visit? I tried putting one in here since livejournal never had such a thing. Or maybe it did and I never was aware of it because I suck at computers. Nonetheless, I've read the instructions on putting a counter on my blog, and now I can't find it. It seems I've done this correctly because, like I said, I read the directions. A lesson I learned in kindergarten (due to embarassing consequences due to me not reading the directions for a particular art project). However, now I can't find the counter. Is it because I made it invisible? Well, what's the point of that? I thought at least I'd be able to see it since I'm the one who is so curious as to how many people come across this thing. Whatever. I give up on you counter. I'm going to write about Wisconsin now.

My boyfriend is taking me to Wisconsin today. I'm excited! We are going to visit his dad in Door County. I've never been to Door County, but I've heard good things, so I'm looking forward to this. I hear it's really scenic and there are good jams you can purchase at gift shops. I like a good jam from time to time. I think Door County and I have the potential to be friends. My bread has been bland lately.

Other things that we will do in Wisconsin is probably drink a bunch of beer, see Lake Michigan, and go to a Packer game! Oh football how I love thou/thee/thy. Boyfriend was kind enough to purchase tickets for the both of us to sit at Lambeau Field and freeze our little butts off while watching Aaron Rodgers get sacked time and time again. Oh but it will be fun. Plus, maybe he won't get sacked too much since they are playing the Lions. We'll see!

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I used to hate Wisconsin. I think it is because all of the Sconnies who come over and live in Minneapolis don't know how to drive. They go slow. They don't use blinkers. They change lanes without a moment's notice. You'd think they were from North Dakota and not just from across the St. Croix. Although they very well may be driving that way because they are drunk. One thing I've learned from dating a Sconnie is that they like to drink a lot.

Oh my god blog. Update! I just read the final instruction about my blog counter. I realize now that I have set it up through a website that I must log in to in order to see my stats. I see now that one visitor has visited since your inception. That visitor is probably me, so it looks like it's just me and you blog. I guess my blog navigation isn't too different from Sconnie driving. And I guess my aptitude for reading directions hasn't changed much since kindergarten. Fiddle sticks!

Let's play later.

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