Thursday, October 29, 2009

Square Dance!

Hey blog. You'll never believe what I just looked up on Google. Or maybe you will because like Google, you are an intangible internet entity that I depend soley on for entertainment and life record. Really, it's not that exciting what I looked up on Google. But it's a non-eventful Thursday night. I might as well share stupid shit that happens to me that I think is worthwhile to write down with hopes of it one day being beneficial to me, but knowing in my heart of hearts that it holds the value of a penny. And a penny, by the way, costs more than it's worth to make. Now if that isn't a waste of money...

Ok. So, I looked up square dancing on Google. Why? Because I love me a good square dance, that's why. Also, if you haven't noticed, Halloween is damn near tomorrow so I'm preparing my Halloween costume. I inherited a square dancing skirt from a friend a few years back and have no reason to wear it other than Halloween. Since I gave in to political desires and was a zombie version of Sarah Palin last year, I haven't worn the square dance outfit in a while. Also, since there is a costume contest at work tomorrow, I have a perfect opportunity to turn corporate America into a ho-down. But I have to perfect my look, hence the Google search. But what do I find but an absurd number of drawings of square dancing rather than photos. Call me crazy, but that just seems a little outdated and old fashioned. I have no other option than to believe it is because square dancing itself is outdated and old fashioned. Tell me the last time you hung out with a 20 something who enjoys a good square dance on a Friday night. I think you'll find yourself at a loss of words. That's the state I found myself in after perusing these drawings. Drawings just don't happen any more because of these things called cameras that take pictures (take note 19th century time traveler who has just discovered the internet). Perhaps that's why I found them rather charming... and weird.

...And ethnically diverse.

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