Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines Text Message

My brother normally lives in Italy, but for the month of February he is residing in Las Vegas. I know this sounds random, but things usually are when you're in the military. Since he's in the states again, it's super fun to text message him because he's capable of responding. Too bad when he does respond, he turns everything into a competition. It gives me an impression of what it would be like if perhaps one day my brother and I had the privilege of living in the same time zone together.

With that, here's my favorite text message conversation yet:

Me: Valentines at Red Lobster!!!!!! Jealous?

Little Bro: Valentines at the Hoover Dam. I think we both know who wins the V Day.

Me: Cheesey biscuits always win.

Little Bro: I got miracles of engineering in front by a lot.

Me: At least my significant other doesn't look like Hayden Penatierre. (this is proof that I suck at competing over stupid shit with my bro)

Little Bro: Flawless victory.

Me: You win... this time. But when you're on your way back to Italy, I'll be sipping a pina colada on the shores of Mexico.

Little Bro: And I'll be drinking wine in Tuscany. I'M SO CULTURED!! YOU CAN CALL ME YOGURT!

Me: Cheesy. Biscuits.

So yeah. I lost that one. It's a tough competition when your opponent/brother lives in multiple places. But I still enjoyed my Red Lobster... by a lot.

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