Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Time is Here and, Yes, It's a Time of the Year

Ryan and I came up with a realization the other night. It happened to be my brother's birthday, and we were out eating at Buca (which is deserves its own entry) when a party a few tables down from us started singing happy birthday.

"It's my brother's birthday today too", I said.

"It's everybody's birthday", concluded Ryan.

(for the record, I hate breaking down conversations with proper quotation marks and commas and shit, but it just saved so much time and explanation for this instance)

From here on, we listed everyone we know who just celebrated, or is celebrating a birthday soon. Let's see, there's my brother Ian, of course, table down the way from us at Buca, Oprah (all January 29th), Brandon from high school and Ryan's friend Nick (February 3rd), Brad from high school (February 7th), this guy I dated once named Justin (February 4th), improv Chris (January 31st), Audrey from high school (January 30th), my twin cousins Grace and Anthony (January 27th), ME, my friend Deb, and this girl Amber (February 5th), Theresa, Jake, and Trent from work and Ronald Reagan (February 6th), my old improv coach John and Ryan's friend Brian's fiance Lindsay (February 9th), Jill from college (February 10th), Jessica from college (February 13th), Leanne from when we were kids and Melissa from improv along with Abraham Lincoln (February 12th), Kerin and many peoples' relationships (February 14th), Mallory from high school (February 16th), and Ryan. Well, Ryan doesn't completely count, but in this case he does because he was supposed to be born on February 11th, but he was two months early so his actual birthday is December 11th.

Yes, one of my hidden talents is remembering when people are born. It is something I take pride in. But if we look beyond that, isn't it strange that there is such a cluster of birthdays? It seems that everyone and their mom was born this time of year. And Ryan and I figured out why!

The answer is pretty obvious when you think about it, but interesting nonetheless. We, or at least I, believe that it is instinctually programmed in our little procreating minds to mate during mating season, which would be... dun dun dun! Spring! Think back to nine months ago. The birds were chirping, the squirrels chattering, flowers were blooming and love and life were in the air. When would be better time to get it on and fertilize? The answer is that there is no better time. Spring is as good as it gets so everyone gets it on and then has babies in the dead of winter. There is so much birthday crap going on this weekend it's not even funny. But if it were funny, and actually it is pretty funny now that I stop and think about it, it would be a good time. Good thing birthday time is funny then, because this weekend is going to be full of partying. Whoo!

Now that I relayed that elementary discovery to you, blog, I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow is that one guy I dated that one time named Justin's birthday. I don't really know what happened to him, but we're facebook friends so I'll wish him a happy birthday. Probably not.

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