Friday, February 19, 2010

House Hunters Drinking Game

Ok, so I thought I was really clever about a month back when my boyfriend and I were drunk in the basement, watching football. During commercials we would change the channel to HGTV's House Hunters and proceed to make fun of the badly edited and poorly staged show. As we drank and watched we decided it would be a brilliant idea to drink because of what we were watching. Thus our idea for the House Hunters drinking game was born. I quickly downed my Cosmo after deciding to drink every time someone said "nice", "view", or "entertain". And when the buyers decided on House #2, I was ready for more. You seem like a good place to post my House Hunters drinking game, blog, but alas! It already exists. In an attempt to put at ease my worries of others jumping on this idea before myself, I googled "House Hunters Drinking Game" and lo, I came up with many an answer. So I cannot take credit for this game, but I can perhaps include my own reasons to drink within it.

Here's the best version I found.

Of course amendments can be made as desired. Like if the buyers are rich, and are displeased with a "small" bedroom, living room, or any other "space" (drink!), take a drink. Or if you happen upon a clearly staged and uncomfortable scene, drink. If buyers become concerned of their children being hit by traffic, drink. Or perhaps there's some nice hardwood floors that be goin' on. Take a drink bizzos! And you can never forget entertain, entertain, entertain. Drink, drink, drink!

Through this process you should be thoroughly buzzed after just one or two episodes of this show. It's so lame, yet so fun! I've also realized you can make a drinking game out of anything. But House Hunters is probably the best TV drinking you can do these days.

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