Monday, March 8, 2010

Groups of Bad and Good

It's funny how it seems like when it rains it pours when it comes to crappity crap happening to you. Like those weeks where you're late to work, your car breaks down, and you go negative in your bank account all at once. But you know the good part about all of this? A) Those things haven't happened to me all in a week... yet.  B) The same is true for good stuff too!

I just got back from the magical land of Mexico (pronounced the 'H' sound that all the locals use). It was pretty swell. Me and the BF laid back on the beach, got a magnificent sunburn, and had adventures with snorkeling, turtles, and some very drunk yet polite Argentinians. It was a great break from real life and I told the man who loaded my luggage into the cab yesterday that he is very lucky to live where he lives. Despite the 3rd worldness of the country, it is still warm and colorful and lovely and I wanted to stay there forever and learn spanish. Of course, I cannot do this and must be here in Minnesota in my gray cube with my gray sweater and coat and clouds. So it goes...

But while I was away, a few things were brewing at home for me to come home to! It makes coming back less awful and more exciting! First of all, I found out I won an award! An award for lil' ole me! I never win stuff, so this was exciting to hear about. I randomly took part in a film festival that my friend Nate had signed up for. He wrote a little diddy about a dude going on an online date and it going terribly awry. I had the task of playing the role of said date. As a result I got a vat of cheese poured on me, froze in the cold for a good 45 minutes and had to lay in bed with two men, neither of which are my boyfriend. But it was all worth it because in the end I somehow ended up with the Best Actress award! I guess I still got the old speech skills I honed in high school. I only wish I could have been there to accept it. Oh well. It was a fun surprise to come home to. That and it was nice to finally see the finished product that I was so lucky to have been a part of.

Surprise number two came when I checked my voicemail last night after a long trip home. I had two messages. The first was to be expected. Visa was freaking its shit out because I decided to go to Mexico, get drunk, and tell my boyfriend the incorrect code for my debit card. Boyfriend tried and tried to no avail to withdraw pesos from a gas station in Cancun, therefore a Visa robot called me and told me there has been suspicious activity on my card. Turns out, as it usually turns out, I am the one performing the suspicious activity. No more giant vodka sevens for Mantha. They only amount to suspicous debit card behavior and my boyfriend taking a shot from my cleavage.

ANYWAY the second message on my phone was from a very chipper girl named Andrea who has "wonderful news" for me in regards to my recent interview and application process for an academic advising position I've been trying to get. I'd love to take this "wonderful news" and say that I have a new job that pays me more dollars (and pesos if I'm in Mayhico), but I haven't received a solid answer on this so I can't let myself jump to conclusions for fear of being somehow ridiculously crushed. I don't know of anyone who has ever been ridiculously crushed by "wonderful news", but that combined with my award and my recent vacation in Mexico just seems like too many good things at once. I've got to start watching my back. Worst of all, both of the HR girls I've been in contact with during this process are out of the office. This means I must wait until tomorrow to hear my eventual demise. (Or reprise? I really want to use a word that sounds like demise but is opposite. Oh well)

One crappy thing that has happened is that I have over 100 work emails to sift through. I've barely gotten through half. I should call it quits on this lunch hour and get back to it. I should also make a serious point to learn Spanish so the next time I go to Mayhico I don't get jipped out of dollars (and pesos) just because I have no idea what is going on. Oh, and another crappy thing (if I were the suspicious kind, which I'm generally not) is that I have exactly $666.00 in my bank account. At least I don't have a black cat and just have a Santiago...

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