Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here's Some Stuff...

Listening to Wye Oak and drinking Gazela is probably the best thing ever right now. Even if the Gazela smells a little bit like feet. It totally tastes like rainbows and magic so I'm willing to look beyond it.

I just realized two things, blog. The first is that the next time I go shopping at Heartbreaker in Uptown, I want to bring a flask filled with some sort of alcohol and take a sip every time I hear the word "cute" as I stand in line for the dressing rooms.

I had nothing to do tonight, so I decided to shop for some fun spring clothes since it's like fucking summer outside (which reminds me; I graciously accept the loss of my bet that I had stated only a month ago when I went slightly crazy and was convinced the snow would hang around until May... though we're not out of the woods yet as it is April y'all). I'm finding my wardrobe is suddenly non existent because I've been wearing the same three sweaters since November and this isn't going to work out if it's going to be 60 degrees outside. I mean, I damn near got a sunburn on my lunch break today. It is time for some fun spring sassiness! So this is why I found myself standing in line at Heartbreaker this evening waiting for a fitting room, all the while being bombarded from all directions with "well that's cute", "oh the back of that is so cute", "yeah, just pull it over the belt a little bit, so cute". Cutecutecutecutecutecutecute. CUTE. The word doesn't even sound like a word anymore.

I'm guilty of this along with every other English speaking female who has ever commented on anything aesthetic that another female (English speaking or no) is wearing/presenting/has within a 10 foot radius of her. And maybe it was because I was by myself and just wanted to see if these tops that were rocked by hangers had any potential of being rocked by me. I didn't have any desire to comment or judge what others were trying on, but I wanted to punch everyone in the face; save this one sassy black woman who came out to look at this little lace number she had tried on without a bra underneath. Now that's entertainment folks. The best part was when she exclaimed from within the fitting room "oh now I look like a broke ass stripper". Perfection.

The second thing I've realized tonight is that I'm currently wearing my shorts inside out. Oops. I initially was going to just write about this, but that's about all there is to it, so I thought back to my Heartbreaker experience and threw that in there for some substance, because that's exactly what it is blog. Substance.

Time for bed. This has been a crazy Friday night for sure!!! PARTY.

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