Friday, April 29, 2011

Of Course I'm Poor and Leaving for Europe Next Week

Blog. I've been trying so hard to save money and it's just not working. Right when I get a handle on building up my savings, the United States of America comes in and is all "GIVE ME MONEY. AMERICA HUNGRY FOR CASH." and I'm suddenly wiped out of all the progress I've made over the past three months. So now I start over.

Sure I didn't need to get that coffee at Starbucks this morning. Nor did I need to eat that Jimmy John's sandwich for lunch. And you know what? Calling overseas tends to be expensive and a fun fact is that expensive things tend to drain my bank account faster than necessary. I can only imagine how rich I would be if I wasn't looking for excuses to call England all the time.

Rein it in Samantha. Rein it in.

I mean, I'm not completely broke, but I'm certainly not gaining any ground here. I was getting so motivated by seeing the number in my savings rise to a point where I was getting excited about the growing possibilities before me. But now that number has been slashed in half, and as much as I can blame myself for irresponsible spending, I'm also going to just go there and throw America under the bus while I'm at it since it just took $438 from me... and for what? No. Don't tell me. I'd rather not know what stupid shit my money is going to. I'd rather fabricate some story of it giving orphaned children a mansion with a swimming pool and playground in the back yard so they can have all the joys that the rich, unorphaned children have.

Isn't that the way though? Every time I go overseas, I'm broke. Last time I had a whole $50 in my account when I landed in England. This time it's going to be more like $200. I'll get paid while I'm over there... after 5 days. Good thing my brother revealed to my mom and I today that we can stay in his spare apartment for free. I don't know what that means, but if it's not costing me anything I'm going to roll with it.

I guess if I had to find a bright side in all of this it would be that the day I do get paid, I'll be in England where the dollar is worth even less than when in Italy. This means one thing: ENGLISH SPENDING SPREE.

Samantha. Remember? Rein it in.

I guess I should stop being a spoiled brat and acknowledge that the other bright side to this situation is that I get to go to Europe at no cost to myself. I'll just be responsible for food, alcohol, and whatever useless crap I want to buy. It's a pretty sweet gig when you put it that way and having $200 in Europe seems to be less awful.

Yoga time blog!

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