Monday, January 9, 2012


Blog, I never thought I'd be so good at repeatedly breaking my heart. I fear I'm going to become a cold bitch with all the scar tissue that is encasing me. I know I made a point to avoid talk of boys and just when that guy I was dating started creeping into my entries, all was lost. That guy is no longer the guy I'm dating. He's just that guy I once dated. It was fun while it lasted. I learned a lot and I'm sad. Really sad. I don't want it to be over, but it is. Now for the period of time where I stop eating, and instead cry and sleep. Although this relationship lasted just four months, so I should be out of the thick of it by the time my birthday rolls around. Here's to hoping.

Off to buy Amtrak tickets to Minot so I can attend not only my birthday party, but also my brother's and niece's. Nieces can make anything better, even a broken heart.

Out of my way bitches. I have to make my aunt's day.

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