Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beau Meets Bro

Beau meets Bro, Blog. Beau meets Bro.

For New Years my brother and his wife Heather visited the city to live it up a bit and get away from the current boomtown that is Minot. It's all part of the novelty of them being back in the states and so much closer to us than they were when they were in Italy. This trip was a bit of re-assimilation for them since they haven't been out in a city setting pretty much since they've settled into their new North Dakota home. As a result, lots of crazy stories from their time in Europe came up since that's what they've been up to for the last four years.

That guy I'm dating found them to be quite entertaining. It's amazing how much fun little brothers can be in adulthood. Thank God he's not what he used to be when we were kids. New Years wouldn't have been as much fun had I known that he was going to go through my journal and embarrass me with his giant glasses and crooked teeth. Although he might have trashed up the NYE party we attended at a friend's house with his solo pick up game of "Excalibeer" which is pictured below:

Beau offered to be Bro's "Tape Guy". I think they bonded. No pun intended.
 Slight embarrassment aside, I can't help but think that the guy I'm dating might actually be considered my boyfriend now since he has met family members... and he liked them.

Even if this is happening.
  That guy and I even went to see this movie on Sunday night where we in turn decided that there were too many knowing glances and not enough character name drops to completely understand what the hell was going on. But we knew that Peter was gay. Peter was gay and his homosexuality had absolutely nothing to do with spies and the Cold War. Luckily my hopes for this actor to make an appearance once I realized that the show was full of English dudes came to fruition about an hour in; and that alone made the entire experience worthwhile.

Despite my celebrity crush, I was pretty happy that I got to kiss this guy as we rang in the New Year:

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