Wednesday, January 18, 2012

List... sigh

I don't know what to write about, Blog. My mind continues to be at a complete loss of words and thoughts that are heavy enough to put here. Sucky sucky sucky times indeed. I guess I'll make a list. It's been my go to in years past. Might as well keep up the habit.

1. I guess I'll start this list off with talking about the list itself. Why do I always feel so defeated when it comes time to make a list on you, Blog? There is nothing wrong with numbered thoughts. They can be fun and easy for others to read. Yet every time I think of making a list, I feel like it's circa 2006 on Myspace and I'm filling out one of those surveys that's asking about if I like chocolate or vanilla, Coke or Pepsi, blonde or brown hair... God.

2. Now I've been inspired to log into my Myspace account which I'm pretty sure has been left alone for at least a couple years. I think I logged into it once back in 2010 just to see if it still was there. It was. I just tried my hand at it again, but it's not working. It could be because my account is defunct, or because my computer has come down with some sort of a virus and isn't letting me on certain sites like Gmail and Google. No big deal.

3. But it is a big deal. This virus thing is hindering my communications with friends and family. I need to figure out how to fix this. Unfortunately I have no idea where to begin with it.

4. Survey! (It's on my mind, I can't help it. I feel 22 all over again.)

Where are you right now? - In my trusty uptown studio apartment.
What do you wish you were doing right now? - Drinking wine. But I just brushed my teeth. And it's a school night. Time for responsibility.
What shirt are you wearing right now? - Oxford University T-shirt. Compliments of Carlis of the O'Clare Kind.
What are you eating right now? - My words. Oh wait no. That will happen tomorrow.
What room are you in right now? - My studio room. Since it's a studio, it only has one.
What underwear are you wearing right now? - Ok, this is a little too personal for Blog. (black thong)
What are you listening to right now? - Passports approved on The Current. I would be firing up the Grooveshark, but that damned virus is being a pain.
What pants are you wearing right now? - Black loungey pants that I bought for flying to England back in 2009. They are a size too small, but what do you do...
What shoes are you wearing right now? - None. It is bed time.
What socks are you wearing right now? - None. It is bed time. What's with knowing the clothed status of my feet?
Who do you wish you were with right now? - I forgot how personal these surveys get. I'm going to play it safe and say my niece.
What time is it right now? - 11:42 pm, CDT.
What is one thing you would change right now? - My underwear. I feel like it's TMI for Blog to know that I'm wearing a thong.
What is next to you right now? - Santa Bear 1986, of course.
What will you do next right now? - Question the grammatical accuracy of that question.

5. Ok, now that I had to copy and paste that from a website, the font is all screwed up on you Blog. Although, I have to admit that survey was kind of fun to take. Maybe I'll start up the trend again. 25 things anyone?


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