Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello Visitors!

Blog! We're hanging out two days in a row?! What is this nonsense? I'll tell you what it is. Lately I've been on a coffee house kick. I'm finding it to be a good way to get out of the hotel and get to know my surroundings a bit. Since tonight is Friday, I thought about trying my hand at stepping it up a notch and perusing a local bar for a glass of wine, but Charlotte is a big city, Blog. There is a part of me that doesn't want to misstep and end up at the weird bar where all the douches go. And again, Charlotte is a big city. Looking at all my options of where to go became overwhelming and when I saw that there was a Caribou just a few miles from where we're staying, I decided to hole up in a corner with this song in my ears (I'm into making myself sad with music, ok?).

Anyway, as you know Blog, I've started to post links to you on Facebook whenever I write. This is a huge step for me in my blogging experience since for years I've been incredibly aloof with anything I write. I've always written on the internet about my life (well, since 2006 anyway), but have never really let people know about it. Just before I left for tour, I decided to be a little bit bolder with you and cleaned you up to the best of my abilities so more than just me and the three other people who know about you could read you at will. I'm realizing now that there is a chance I might be writing for an actual audience... well, one that is made up of tens of people since last night's post appears to have gotten a whopping (by my standards) 40 views. I don't think I read what I wrote 40 times, so I'm going to assume we've had a few visitors.

I think we should acknowledge our new friends, Blog, since you are just an internet entity that I have personified with whatever ramblings that come out of my fingertips, and those who visit us are actual people with souls and jobs and stuff. So thank you for hanging out with Blog and I, visitors! We hope that you make us a regular part of your internet adventures. I also hope you don't mind that I basically have made Blog into the equivalent of an invisible friend. If you want to learn more about where I'm coming from on the whole thing, you can always check out my About Blog and I page.

Back to coffee-housing. There is a lively card game happening over yonder. Who knew a Caribou would be such a hopping place on a Friday night?


  1. My soul is being held hostage by my job. Glad you let yours free. :)

  2. Oh Jo! I hope you find a way to get out of there. The risk is totally worth it!