Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anyone Wanna See Me Act? A Lot? Like, Seriously. A LOT.

Blog, it's crunch time. I have been tasked by my platonic hetero intergendered tourmate Andy to perform in a highly depressing entertaining show based in Greek mythology and set in contemporary times called Bash. It's the first of many shows he hopes to produce through his new theatre company, Ghostlight Theatre. I'd like to say that I've been in enough shows to where I feel confident tackling this project, but if I'm honest it's a little daunting.

Ok, it's a lot daunting. See, the entire thing is basically made up of three one act plays. I'm in one of them. By myself. Like, the play is me. Alone. No one else. For, like, half an hour. Things like this are easy to say yes to when it's October and you have Halloween things to do and March seems like a far off fairy tale of melty snow and sunshine. Then suddenly you're in a $37 hotel room with copious amounts of cigarette burns on the comforters, but you don't care because you have to drill these thousands of words into your brain over the next two weeks. Not to mention all the words are like, umm... and, yeah... so, you know, anyway... right? Uhh, yeah.

Come see me, if you dare. I'll be acting up a storm in Chanhassen come March 14th. And 15th. And guess what; the 16th too. Oh, you can't make it that weekend because you're too busy Blog? (yeah right) Well good thing we're putting the thing up the following weekend as well (the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd). YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

I know I'm all iffy about this at the moment, but a lot can happen over the span of a few weeks. Every day I'm learning more, and if anything, this is a huge lesson in memorization for me. I've been insanely out of practice over the past few years, so why not go balls-to-the-wall and just cram half an hour of messed-up and depressing theatre into my mind just in time for spring? You know? Yeah, I mean, like... why not?

Because who can resist this view for the next 14 days? Not me, apparently.

Oh, you want to know who else is performing in the other two pieces that make up this madness? Well that would be my hetero tourmate himself, Andy Browers (who also is braving the let's-talk-on-stage-by-myself-for-half-an-hour-as-a-messed-up-character madness), along with old Bemidji pals Sarah Bull, and Skot Rieffer.

And since this post has turned into a shameless plug for my ridiculous theatre endeavors, give us some money. I did. I'm officially paying myself to mince my brain into word meat. If you like, you can pay me to do that for your own entertainment. It'll be worth it.

Off to read things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

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