Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a List. You Know This Means I'm Lazy Right Now.

Here's some stuff, Blog.

1. On Saturday night that guy I'm dating brought me out to meet with a friend of his from college. He (and his brother) turned out to be nice guys... who share my past. Ok, they don't really share my past, but there are some similarities to note. Like their family has a cabin in central Minnesota. On the same lake my grandparents and the rest of my family live/summer on. Not only is it on the same lake, it's down the road; on the other side of the creek to be exact. There were other similarities including (and probably limited to) him living in the same dorm I had lived in up in Bemidji (granted it wasn't at the same time), his brother having been in the obscure and small town my dad lives in just last week and his wife having the same maiden name as my mother. I'm not looking too far into all of this, but you're going down in the boat parade next summer, Brad.

2. Yoga with Dylan starts in T minus 13 minutes and I'm not going, Blog. I have made a point to go to Dylan's "yogi" littered class the last few Mondays because this lady needs to get back in shape. Monday evening is a convenient time for me to bend and strengthen my body via a series of thousand-year -old poses. Monday evening is also Dylan's slot for prattling off insane poses without any mention of modifications for us less practiced individuals. As a result I hold a certain bitterness towards Dylan. First of all, I always forget his name is Dylan and I instead call him Logan. Secondly, he's got annoying yoga tats. Thirdly, he's smug in an I-can-achieve-ultimate-meditation-that-you-can-only-wish-to-experience kind of way. Fourthly, he walks around the room and never demonstrates poses unless they're on this list.

3. Instead of going to yoga with Dylan (now starting in T minus two minutes) I'm going to walk a mile and a half to spend an evening of wine and trivia with old college buddies Andy and Rob. It should be a good time. And the fact that I will be briskly walking three miles between my trek there and back more than makes up for any sort of regret I might have at missing Dylan and his way too fast pronunciation of "Utthita Parsvakonasana".

4. With that, I have to be on the road in an hour and there's a load of laundry to take out of the dryer downstairs. I wanted to make this point about how my mom is going to be moving out of the crappy little apartment that I spent my adolescence in, but that will take too long so I'll save it for another day. I'll just say it's a little weird that I'm not going to get to say goodbye to the apartment I called "home" throughout junior high and high school; and that I would always come back to throughout college and into the present. But I'm glad that she's finally going to have carpet, tile, and cabinets that aren't straight out of the 70's. That'll be a nice change.

Time for a shower and then drinking with friends! (After walking a mile and a half to get to them. Wish me luck, Blog.)


  1. Hi Sam!
    I have no idea how I found this blog, but I just wanted to share that I find your writing style hilarious. It looks like you have an unhealthy relationship with "Blog", but it's nice to see a Finley girl living a crazy life and advising people.

  2. Hi Joe! That's amazing that you came across my blog, but I'm glad you did and enjoyed taking a look. I hope you've been doing well!