Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Birthday Cake

It's not every day you receive a random birthday cake, that's why I'm posting this email I wrote to my co-workers today:

Hey Everyone,

I've got some random birthday cake at my desk. It's random because it's not my birthday (despite part of my name being on the cake). It was intended to be part of a joint birthday celebration my grandma was going to throw for myself and my twin cousins who turn 7 tomorrow. But since it's winter, the weather sucks and no one was able to make it. This left my grandma with a giant birthday cake and no one to eat it. Luckily last night, I was able to meet up with her before she took off for Florida and I received a large portion of this cake.

Yes, I feel bad for taking a birthday cake away from my 7 year old cousins, especially when they have to share a birthday to begin with, but I had no choice. The cake must be eaten. This is why I invite all of you to stop by my desk and partake and eating my little cousins' birthday cake. It is my birthday cake as well, but as I said, it's not my birthday (until February). I have plates, forks and a spatula. All you have to do it stop by and fanagle a piece for yourself.



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