Saturday, June 22, 2013

Samantha Gets Caught In A Literal Storm

Well, Blog. I've been terrible at keeping up with you lately. I'm not sure why. I can't say that I haven't had time, because that's all I ever have these days. But I guess it's easy to procrastinate when you have stretches of empty days ahead of you. Anyway, I got caught in a bad storm last night, so I'm going to tell you the brief and anticlimactic story of that.

Once upon a time Samantha had a lot of time on her hands so she was always looking for creative ways to spend it. Samantha's roommate Kirky knew about this particular dilemma of hers as well, so she invited Samantha out to a birthday party she was attending one Friday evening. Samantha acquiesced and the ladies began walking to the bus stop since taking a bus was the best way to get to this super sweet shindig.

As Samantha and Kirky approached the bus stop, they noticed an ominous cloud in the sky. "Pssh!" scoffed Samantha. "What disaster could a sourly-colored cloud possibly invoke upon us on this night?" Kirky also couldn't imagine anything awful happening from said cloud and the ladies continued to wait for the number 4 in the plexiglass bus shelter.

Then it began to rain. And then it began to rain more. And more. AND MORE. Kirky decided to stand on the bench in an attempt to keep her shoes dry from the rain that was blowing into the shelter from underneath the panels of plastic. Samantha had been watching the wind blow the trees over yonder. And then she noticed the wind blowing them harder. And harder. AND HARDER. And then Samantha couldn't even see the trees because there was so much rain!

It was at that moment, that Samantha decided a bus shelter made of plastic might not be the best place to weather this storm. She turned to Kirky and said that she was going to go into the CC Club across the street since the CC Club was an actual building. Also, there was beer in there!

Samantha and Kirky stepped out of the shelter into the torrential rain and gusting winds and struggled across the street. Cars were at a near halt since it was impossible to see anything. Once inside the CC Club, the roommates were greeted by a bunch of people who seemed to have no idea what was going on outside. This is because the CC Club is a windowless vault of old men and hipsters and a tall black woman who tells you that you look beautiful even if you're all wet.

That's what she told Samantha anyway, as she stumbled in the front door soaked from head to toe.

And then Kirky saw the bus. Suddenly she was back out there, struggling across the street so she could proceed with her Friday evening plans!* Samantha was not so brave and stayed inside the dark bar amongst a bunch of strangers who were much dryer than she. She felt out of place, but safe, considering that moments after she had been blown into the CC Club, the stoplight out front indicated just how blowy things had gotten outside.

On the upside, at least the other side of the street was visible at this point...
She ordered a beer and ended up having a small town chat with a girl who's originally from Fargo. It was such a small town chat, Samantha found her northern accent dominating her speech as she said the most small town thing you could say:

"I was going to say, you look like an Ihry!"

Finally, the storm let up, Samantha finished her beer, and decided to walk back home. There was no point in going downtown now that she was soaked from head to toe. Plus, she was pretty sure she left her bedroom windows open. Eek.

The walk home was an eerie one. The chaos had subsided and leaves, branches and trees littered the streets. People were milling around, assessing the damage. As Samantha turned onto her street, she noticed the tree that all the children in the apartment building next door tie their bikes to had been split in half; part of it was lying in her front yard. Oddly enough, it seemed as though the many tiny bikes that surrounded it were just fine. Weird.

Where will the children lock up their bikes now? Someone get them a bike rack!
Then Samantha went up to her room and drank beer and read about acting in the Twin Cities because there was no internet but at least there was power which is more than what a bunch of other people have right now.


*Though the last time I saw Kirky was when she was in the middle of traffic and torrential rain, I have confirmation via text message that she is alive and well, though I know not her whereabouts. I get that that's weird since I live with her, but that's just how our household rolls, yo.

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