Monday, January 21, 2013

A State of Suprise

There are fifty states in this country, Blog. Each one tries to come up with a phrase or nickname that differentiates itself from the rest, but let's be honest; some stand out more than others. We hear about New York in all the movies. California is where those movies are made. Colorado is where the mountains are and Florida is where you go when you're old. Texas is full of cowboys and Arizona is where you find the desert. Massachusetts is where you eat lobster and Wisconsin is where you drink milk. For me, these are the generalizations I've made about my country for my entire life. I've visited just some of those places. A majority of the states are still a mystery to me even though I've made my assumptions about them.

As for North Carolina, I never really gave this place much thought. I didn't even realize it fell into the category of the "South". It always has fallen just before my home (and the incredibly interesting) state of North Dakota in the alphabetical lists that you use when you're filling out your address on websites and such. But here I am, in a seedy hotel in the dangerous part of Greensboro (this will happen when you're simultaneously on a tight budget and have no idea where you are). I've learned over the past week that just because the word "North" is in this state's name, it's anything but. There's a drawl in everyone's speech. Chicken and biscuits are everywhere. I think I saw a plantation the other day. And there is a town called Tobaccoville just down the road.

But besides the stereotypical southern stuff, there are surprises here too. This weekend Andy and I visted Wilmington and met up with another two-actor troupe who is also down here. We had a blast celebrating Andy's birthday with Catch Phrase, delicious French food, and magnificent karoake. Not only that, but we went to the beach yesterday. It felt strangely reminiscent of Florida. I had no idea that North Carolina had palm trees and sandy beaches, Blog. It was beautiful.

So after an evening of beaching and chatting with two very fine ladies (one who hails from St. Louis and the other from DC; neither place of which I've ever visited), I realized that this North Carolina place is pretty amazing. I would have never known it had I never taken the plunge.

I also have never driven to the ocean before, Blog. It's pretty cool to think that we've put a solid 2000 miles on the rental we have dubbed "Forrest Gimp" (per the flat tire we got a mere 200 miles away from home). I miss Minneapolis something fierce right now, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

Now let's hope I don't get shanked in this Econo Lodge. I was told that I shouldn't go outside after dark in these parts.

That doesn't mean I won't live it up at dusk on the beach however.

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