Monday, July 11, 2011

It Happens

Blog. Yesterday it was 92 degrees. As you can probably tell, my apartment was that of a sauna. That's why I didn't really spend any time here yesterday. Instead I went down to the lake to sun (burn) myself and enjoy the cool, clear water that the city of lakes has to offer me. I memorized lines, listened to music, and watched the cutest little puppy you ever did see frolic and play in the shade of a tree with his owner. Oh special lake day! The sun even went behind a cloud for awhile so my pale body could take a break from the glaring rays that were attacking it with both vicious heat and healthy vitamin D. I ended up getting a really weird sun burn that covers the right side of my back and a strip of my leg since I don't really have an eye for even sunscreen coverage and also have trouble reaching my shoulder blades.

Anyway, after some glorious lake time, I found myself rushing home only to have enough time to throw the juice I had purchased at Lund's for some lake hydration into my fridge and change out of my annoying moist (that's right, I said moist) bathing suit into some dryer duds before heading off to rehearsal for that show I was memorizing lines for. After spending three hours in a sweltering rehearsal room (but not as sweltering as my apartment, mind you) and saying things like "I hope you like Supervalu mayonnaise" and "I've been testing all the pens I found in my purse to see which ones still work" with a heavy northern accent and somewhat mannish voice, Sam, Molly , and I went to the BLB for some dinner. Sure it was the third, maybe fourth time I had eaten out all weekend, but whatever. Before I knew it I found myself at Improv A-Go-Go for the first time in YEARS laughing at people I somehow have the priveledge of knowing personally. Lucky me.

All in all it was a lovely day where I got to touch base with my theater/improv friends and enjoy some good rehearsal and performances. I even got to escape the heat a bit by finding solace in the air conditioned theater. Hooray!

On my way home, I was reminded my my hot house of a living space, so I decided to stop by the CVS and get some ice cream so I'd have a cool treat for when I was sweating in front of you, Blog. I always get fat in the summer because of this kind of shit. I lay around in the sun and then I eat ice cream. I'm so going for a run after I post this...

I digress, I bought the ice cream and went on my way home. Upon entering the hell fire that I call home, I noticed something strange. There was a light coming from my kitchen area. And not like I had left a light on. No, instead it was as if a night light had been turned on as if to gently guide my blind self through my darkened kitchen/dining spot. But hark! I do not have such a light in that part of my apartment. Whaa??

I turned the corner only to find to my horror that my refrigerator door was slightly ajar and the gentle light I had noticed was that from the light inside. My mind slowly did some what I call "life math" and added it all up to equal the realization that ALL MY FOOD HAS GONE BAD. And then a few minutes later... I HAVE NOWHERE TO PUT THIS ICE CREAM I JUST BOUGHT since my freezer had been affected by this as well. F.

I hastened to shut the door (that's right, hastened) and then opened it up again to see what damage had been done. Since I don't really eat regular food, it wasn't as bad as I had initially thought. I think the worst of it was the half gallon of unopened milk that I had purchased just a couple days before. Everything else, the butter, the wine, the orange juice... I had hope for.

Turns out that what ended up being the most annoying thing was the fact that I couldn't put ice in the lukewarm water that comes out of my faucet. That and I had to eat a whole pint of ice cream. I couldn't bring myself to let so much dairy go to waste after the initial shock of losing an entire half gallon of milk. But after sweating and sweating in my apartment, I needed to hydrate and cool off. That is hard to do when you leave your refrigerator open for six hours in a 90 degree room.

But then things started turning up. Half an hour after I got home, a vicious wind and rain storm blew threw the 'hood and cooled everything down. I probably should have closed my windows just in case something like lightening or a tree came flying through in an attempt to attack me, but I considered this opportunity to cool off the oven I live in too good to pass up. So I sat here getting rained on and talking to Emily on gchat. It felt glorious.

AND! The maverick in me came home today and hoped, just hoped that maybe that milk hadn't gone bad. Maybe, just maybe milk can still be good after sitting in 90 degrees for six hours. You never know until you reluctantly open it up, smell it, and slowly pour it down the inside of a glass just to be sure. You never know if milk is truly bad until you taste it. And so I did. And the milk was cold, smooth, and... delicious! Yay! I didn't completely waste $2.49!

Although I'm pretty sure I gained a pound or seven from all that ice cream last night. Having a warm freezer shouldn't be an excuse for eating an entire pint of ice cream, but I guess it's a better one than having your heart broken or losing your job or something. That would suck.

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