Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog. Let's Touch Base.

Blog. I just want to say I had much higher aspirations for you and June coinciding your efforts to document my life. Alas, I've become lazy. No. Not lazy. Uninspired. It's not you blog. It's me.

But! Inspiration is something that hits you upside the head like a bulky backpack making its way down the bus aisle. And suddenly you're swimming in it. Ideas float into your mind and all you can do is get pissed that you're on the bus and not in any position to record the brilliance that is flowing through your brain, unexpectedly and without hesitation.

It all means one thing, Blog. Fringe is in the air.

This happens to me every year. My idea for a Fringe show hits me and inspires me; be it too late to actually do anything about it this year. But there's always next year... Come February when it is time to act on an application, the lottery, and paying up the $400 entrance fee, things just never seem to pan out in my favor. Either I've forgotten, I'm too busy, I'm too broke, or I'm too removed from the inspiration that hits every single July to trust that I can move my project forward.

The thing is Blog, the project is you. All I have to do is continue writing in you and then take my favorite parts, tweak them into something amusing, create a slideshow to go along with them, and present them to the Fringe masses (a.k.a. the 12 people that might give me a chance). People do it all the time. They call themselves "story tellers". I call it "reading your blog out loud". And every year I say "next year".

Maybe I've been saying "next year" because up until now my life wasn't that great or exciting. I mean, I guess if you really wanted to, you could argue that it was. I made a dramatic move down to the city by myself to try out a new way of life that I had never experienced before. I met a guy and ended up moving in with him and his dog to live the American dream. I had the three bedroom house, the fenced in yard, two car garage, friendly neighbors, dishwasher, laundry room, bay window, back porch, the list goes on. And on. But we must remember Blog that I moved down here to live in the city. I wanted to be walking distance from everything cool. I wanted to take the bus and be around art and music (even though I don't go to concerts) and theater and alcohol. The suburbs are boring and I never felt like I fit in. Plus I was a million miles away from everything, even though on paper I had it all right there in the comfort of my own split level. Thang God it wasn't really my split level and when he kicked me out, it hurt, but at least I got to come back to uptown where it's interesting and worthwhile to live.

My point is, Blog, that my life has gotten more interesting since I left the burbs. Both in where I live and also who I interact with and where I plan to go from here. I might as well keep documenting and continue to take my favorite parts, tweak them, accompany them with pictures and put up one hell of an automentary (a term I've just created) in the form of a Fringe show. Inspiration starts here. Every summer on the edge of the Fringe. It fades once I lose interest in the Fringe website and resurfaces briefly in January only to be dashed by the intimidation of piles of snow and the idea that it will never be summer again. But hark! Summer is once again upon us. And this very eve I shall put on my flip flops and slip slap over to yoga so I can continue to be inspired. I will go to Kerin's for one final down the road hangout before she moves. I'll continue on with my summer plans of Fringing, writing, yoga-ing, and waiting. Waiting for the rest of the story to unfold and trying my best to keep up my inspiration to write about it with an audience in mind. And then September will be upon us and what do you think I have planned for then?


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